A Miraculous Rescue from the Flood

How the San Clemente Island Goats Were Saved at Willow Valley Farms

A Miraculous Rescue from the Flood
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes The San Clemente Island breed of goats is critically endangered with only about 800 known goats left in the world. They originated from San Clemente Island in the Channel Islands of California. Thought to have descended from several ancient breeds of Spanish goats, they are a distinct breed of their own. As they were forced from San Clemente Island nearly 30 years ago, their numbers dwindled dangerously low. Due to conservation efforts, that number is now increasing. However, when a herd that comprised 40% of the known San Clemente Island goats was in danger of drowning in rapidly rising floodwaters, many friends, neighbors, coworkers, and volunteers flocked to offer their help. What follows is the miraculous story of their rescue. Photo by Chad Wegener Willow Valley Farms began in 2007 with a single fertilized chicken egg on John and Chad’s 40-acre farm along

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