A Weekend at Rendy

Happy Goats and Happy People

A Weekend at Rendy
Add to Favorites I pulled into the 2018 North American Pack Goat Association (NAPgA) Rendezvous nervous and unsure of what to expect. My nervousness lasted about 10 minutes and by the end of the Rendy, as the regulars call it, I didn’t want to leave. I made my way past a fire ring surrounded by chairs, stumps, and blankets to the pavilion with a NAPgA banner. The lady behind the table smiled and welcomed me with such warmth I was instantly put at ease. I introduced myself and explained I was here from Goat Journal. She pointed out people I should talk to, including her husband, Curtis King, the current president of NAPgA. A Brief History of the Rendy Rendezvous is an integral part of the North American Packgoat Association. In fact, the first Rendezvous held in Carson, Washington in 1999, was where the organization was founded. When the Sawtooth

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