Best Yarn for Blankets — From Goats!

What is Yarn Made Of? Consider Mohair or Angora for Fiber Crafts.

Best Yarn for Blankets — From Goats!
Add to Favorites When looking for the best yarn for blankets, you may not immediately think of yarn from fiber goats. The hair from goats, including cashmere, Pygora, Cashgora, and Angora fiber, is soft and warm. The yarns made from these fibers are considered luxury yarn in the marketplace. Although we often think of using these yarns for sweaters, vests, and other clothing items, mohair can be the best yarn for blankets too. Pendleton and Woolrich are two high-end wool product companies that sell cashmere and mohair blankets, throws, and pillows. These beautiful products are something you can recreate if you knit, crochet, or weave. Where Does the Best Yarn for Blankets Come From? Yarn from goats is not wool. Wool comes from sheep. The fiber or hair from goats is referred to as cashmere or mohair. Cashmere Fiber and Yarn Cashmere fiber is plucked from the undercoat of cashmere-producing

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