Caring for Angora Goat Fiber During Winter

Basic Caring for Goats in the Winter Keeps Pygora and Angora Mohair Nice for You

Caring for Angora Goat Fiber During Winter
Add to Favorites Do fiber goats need special care during the winter months? Caring for Angora goats and other fiber breeds requires a little more attention during the cold and wet season. Goats do not like wet weather. Unlike sheep, which will stand in a field munching grass in the pouring rain, most goats hate wet feet or wet hair. They will tiptoe and run back to the barn at the first sign of rain or snow. For this reason, goats need a large barn space or large run-in shed during winter. Dry bedding in the form of straw, or something equally insulating and absorbing, will keep them comfortable. Keep in mind that hay has a higher moisture content, and therefore does not stay as dry as straw. When you are caring for Angora goats or other mohair goat breeds, you have an additional reason for protecting fiber through the winter

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