Do Goats Have Accents and Why? Goat Social Behavior

Are Goats Social Animals and Do Goats Need Friends?

Do Goats Have Accents and Why? Goat Social Behavior
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes Researchers at Queen Mary University London found that goat kids develop group accents and each group bears a unique vocal stamp. This and other studies of goat bleats and body language provide scientific evidence that goats are highly social animals. Questions, such as, “Do goats have accents?” lead to deeper ones, such as why? And how do such facts relate to our husbandry practices? It could be important to know what goats are saying when they bleat, and why they headbutt, for example. Most importantly, we need to know if goats need friends, and what kinds of companion are suitable. Indeed, the social goat needs the company of familiar and bonded individuals. When their social needs are fulfilled, they are more likely to lead happy and healthy lives. This applies to all domesticated herd animals, as they have evolved to seek the safety

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