Genetic Diversity: Examples of Mistakes Learned from Cows

Breeding Goats for Sustainable Farming

Genetic Diversity: Examples of Mistakes Learned from Cows
We have been able to improve livestock production due to their wide genetic diversity. Examples of this success in the dairy industry include Holstein cattle that have doubled milk production over the last 40 years. However, looking closely, improvements in productivity have come at a heavy price of increased health issues and nutritional demands. Furthermore, conservationists warn that dwindling genetic diversity threatens the future of farming, as animals become ill-equipped to adapt to changing conditions or new diseases. The United Nations are so concerned that over 100 countries are already signed up to monitoring genealogies and changing breeding objectives. Spanish goats still have high genetic diversity and are well adapted to southern US states. Photo by Tee Cee/Flickr CC BY 2.0. Loss of Genetic Diversity—Examples of Diminishing Returns Since domestication, farm animals gradually adapted to local conditions and became hardy beasts, resistant to local diseases and well adapted to the

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