Goat Behavior Demystified

Why Do Goats Headbutt? ... and Other Conundrums

Goat Behavior Demystified
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes Goats are lively creatures who entertain or frustrate us with their playful and inquisitive behavior. Ever wondered why they act as they do? The survival strategies they developed before domestication equipped them to thrive in a difficult environment, where food was hard to find, terrain rough, and predators many. Goat behavior that evolved in the mountains has persisted throughout domestication and has enabled them to adapt to many different environments. Raising Healthy Kids — Your FREE Guide! Kidding season is full of excitement and adoration. But what do you do after the baby is born? Premature kids, babies that can’t suckle, and sick animals require immediate care. Even if the kids are healthy and their mothers willingly accept and care for them, how do you know when to wean the kids and when it’s time to separate bucklings from breeding-age does? Answers to

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