Goat Cast Steals The Show

Goats: Reviews and Audience Adore Goat Actors

Goat Cast Steals The Show
Add to Favorites A daring theater production staged a bold innovation — a goat cast live on stage! Royal Court Theatre, London, England, ran the play from November 24 to the end of December 2017. The play, entitled simply “Goats”, explored the controversial topic of propaganda and its effect on family lives. The novelty of including a goat cast in the list of actors captured the attention and hearts of audience and reviewers. Six trained goats entered the stage and were free to roam and interact with cast members. Amelia, Beauty, Belle, Eek, Squeak, and Leigh are young, mixed dairy goat breeds who had been expertly trained and prepared for going on stage, meeting audiences, and performing with human actors. Goat Cast on Stage As the goats trotted onto stage, initially a little excited or nervous, they quickly settled down to various activities: exploring, playing, butting, greeting their favorite co-performers, nibbling the

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