Goat-Centered Traditions Around the World

A Snapshot of Goat-Based Festivals

Goat-Centered Traditions Around the World
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Goats are an important aspect of many cultures around the world. Because they were so integral to daily life, traditions and even myths concerning goats sprang up in various areas. Many traditions are centered on religious events such as Christmas or a particular festival. While the traditions of other cultures may seem odd because they are different, it is important to remember that they are meaningful to those people. Here we explore some goat traditions that are dear to the people who uphold them. Yule Goat With deep Scandinavian origins, the Yule goat is still seen today in cultural traditions. You will often see the straw Yule goat as a Christmas decoration, on or under the Christmas tree. In some places, it was a tradition to hide a straw Yule goat in the house of a friend without being caught. Perhaps, fortunately, most

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