Goat Games Reveal Caprine Intelligence

Goat Eyes and Brains are Skilled at Tracking Hidden Food

Goat Games Reveal Caprine Intelligence
Add to Favorites Goat games are fun to watch, and watching goats is a hobby of mine. Once they get used to my presence and go back to browsing as normal, I can wonder at how attentive they are to possible dangers and feeding opportunities. I can observe how they browse selectively, moving to specific plants and fresher patches. With progress in production and husbandry systems in mind, researchers study such behavior in our domestic goats. They even design goat games for our caprine friends to fathom. Foraging styles, social strategies, stress responses, the human–animal relationship, and the effects of different systems have all come under the empirical microscope. Intensification can lead to increased stress in goats. Some find it difficult to adapt to modern methods. They can get stressed by stock densities, systems that trigger flight reactions, fear of the unknown, or alarm at the unexpected. Therefore, it is

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