Goat Identification Has Favorable Perks

Microchipping, Registries, and the Upsurge of Goat Thefts

Goat Identification Has Favorable Perks
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Anita B. Stone  Leslie Averill of Arrowhead Farm in North Carolina raises Alpine Dairy Goats and believes, “It is important that all animals are identified.” She states, “They must be identified at shows to receive prizes, they must be identified for transportation purposes, and they must be identified in case they get lost or stolen.”  There are three ways to identify your goats. One simple method is to use ear tags. Another way is to tattoo the goat. A third way is to microchip your animals.   “No matter what method you use,” said Averill, “whether you are keeping goats for a sustainable homestead or as a 4-H project, even as a pet, you need to mark them for identification. Sometimes it gets to be a hassle, but there are many rules, and each state is different so be certain to check your state guidelines, especially prior

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