Goat Images Take the Podium

Goat Behavior Research in 2016 Reveals Personality Quirks

Goat Images Take the Podium
Goat images were used to improve understanding of goat behavior in a recent study. An experiment using photographs of goat faces was one of five presentations on goat behavior featured at 2016’s Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology on July, 12–16, in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Society meets annually to discuss researchers’ discoveries about domestic animal behavior and welfare. These findings are important for anyone caring for goats. Scottish and French researchers teamed up to study how goats perceive the facial expressions of their caprine companions. Lucille Bellegarde of INRA, France, while studying her PhD at SRUC, Scotland, presented her team’s findings of goats’ reactions to photographs of their herd mates in a negative and in a positive situation. It was clear the goats in the study understood the goat images. Health Questions About Kid Goats?Our goat experts offer their secrets to growing healthy, productive, and happy kids. Let

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