Goat Milk and Life

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Goat Milk and Life
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes When Chana’s son was very young, he was allergic to dairy. He could not have anything made with cow milk in any form, and soymilk wasn’t cutting it for him. This was before all the plant-based alternative milks became commonplace, so options were limited. This story begins when Chaim was five years old. A friend of Chana’s had dairy goats. Out of curiosity and attempting to find a type of milk that her son could drink, she requested a small amount of goat milk from the friend for Chaim to try. This trial was a success, but Chana did not live near enough to this friend to get a consistent supply of goat milk. She did not live in a very rural area, and goats were not that popular 25 years ago. However, she banded with a few neighbors and together they bought

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