Goats Are Superheroes!

Can goats predict seismic activity?

Goats Are Superheroes!
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes  By Anita B. Stone  There are many unknowns about goats. One surprising characteristic of goats has been receiving recent attention: the possibility that these versatile four-legged animals have the capability to be a seismic alarm system. Interest in this possibility began with a goat-herder in Italy who noticed something peculiar. His goats, the Argentata del Etna, are a breed of goat found nowhere else in the world. Each morning, the herder, Gaitano, took his goats out onto the slopes of Mt. Etna, an active volcano on the coast of Sicily. He knows that on the upper slopes of the mountain, there are glades of a yellow flower that he believes gives his goats’ milk a unique taste. “The goats will eat just about anything,” he says, as he hurriedly encourages them to the flower area. Gaitano has been a goat herder on the mountain his entire life and during

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