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Goat Rescue Stars in Farm Life Shows

Goats on TV
Caprine residents at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats, England, starred in two European television documentaries: a BBC mini-series on farm animal behavior in December 2018; and a France Télévisions documentary on goat intelligence in 2019. The three-part British documentary, entitled Secret Life of Farm Animals, revealed the hidden talents and natural abilities of domestic animals that are largely unknown to the general public, including those of the Buttercups goats. These skills adapted their ancestors to living in the wild. Through these beautifully filmed scenes, we can wonder at how goats apply their aptitudes to living with us. Health Questions About Kid Goats?Our goat experts offer their secrets to growing healthy, productive, and happy kids. Download the free guide today. YES! I want this Free Report » Two episodes featured stars from Buttercups goat sanctuary. Rupert, an expert at pulling bolts and releasing latches, was caught on film opening doors with his

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