Goats Prefer People with Smiling, Happy Faces

Are Goats Smart at Reading Human Expressions?

Goats Prefer People with Smiling, Happy Faces
Add to Favorites Can goats tell the difference between human expressions? Do they care if we look happy or angry? Do they react to smiling, happy faces? Are they turned off by a frown? Researchers aimed to find out by watching goats at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats, England, and recording their reactions to photographs of different human expressions. They found that goats prefer people who were smiling. Happy faces were approached first by goats in trials. The goats clearly demonstrated that they were sensitive to facial expression of human emotions. Goats are highly social beings. Body language and facial expressions of other goats are very important for establishing social boundaries and maintaining peace in the herd. Previously researchers answered the question “are goats smart?” Among goats’ many skills, we saw that they reacted to photographs of their herd-mates’ faces showing negative expressions. We heard that they recognize the bleat of

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