Have You Tried Goat Yoga?

Farmer Supplements Income by Offering Yoga with Goats

Have You Tried Goat Yoga?
Though it’s a new concept, goat yoga grows because it offers exercise, relaxation, and friendly goats that climb on participants as they practice. The Original Goat Yoga When photographer Lainey Morse got her first goats in 2014, she had no idea just how much they would change her life. Her move to the acreage she named No Regrets Farm, in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, allowed her to finally realize her dream of having goats. She promptly bought a couple and named them Ansel and Adams. In 2016, while going through a divorce, Lainey was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Sjorgrens. She recalls, “I was just going through a tough time, and every day I would come home from work and go out in the field and spend time with the goats. It was just so therapeutic to me. When they are around, I think of nothing else but these

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