Helping Kids Live the Goat Life

What is FFA? And What Other Ways Can Kids Learn About Goats?

Helping Kids Live the Goat Life
You don’t have to own goats to introduce children to the “goat life.” Youth and volunteer programs give access to farm life even if you reside in the city. Have kids of the human variety? Do you desire to introduce them to the exciting world of goats? As a fellow parent of the wild human child, I considered what sort of life I want my son to live. I am lucky to allow him to grow up on a hobby farm. His best friend is Macchi, a mixed mini goat, and the two are inseparable. If I had no space for goats, or they were illegal where I reside, I would still want my son to be involved in farming and ranching activities. It brings him so much joy and helps him learn valuable life lessons and experiences. Fortunately, there are many ways to introduce farm life and goats to

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