Increase Return on Your Dairy Goat Investment

Dairy Goat Journal Preview Story from the May/June 2017 Issue

Increase Return on Your Dairy Goat Investment
Add to Favorites By Alexandria Becker Return on investment. Profits. Two terms that a college student in the Business field learns practically right off the bat. The thing is, both these terms mean things that the farmer or rancher uses every day. When a rancher or breeder buys a new cow, doe, mare, or sow he often asks himself if the female will be able to produce enough to cover the cost of buying her and taking care of her. For goats, an example would be buying a $300 doe that will take about $100 worth of care for the year (numbers may not be accurate, just an example). That means prior to kidding, the breeder has invested $400 in the doe. If the doe has two doelings that can be sold at $300 a piece after registration (ADGA/ AGS registrations for a doeling may be estimated as $25 total),

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