Janus, a Two-Headed Goat

A Miracle Baby at Nueske Farms

Janus, a Two-Headed Goat
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes On a brisk spring morning in Wittenburg, Wisconsin Jocelyn Nueske noticed a goat having some trouble giving birth. A seasoned mother, the goat had successfully pushed out one baby but was having difficulties with the next. When Jocelyn went in to feel if the kid needed to be turned or assisted out, what she felt confused her. At first, it felt like two more kids, but as she felt further, there was only one body. With the help of her mother, they were able to maneuver the baby goat out. To their surprise, the little buckling had two heads. Mama goat was sore, but fortunately, she had been a bit “stretched” by previous births and recovered just fine. Nueske Farms LLC currently milks 286 goats and has between 600-700 babies in addition to a second barn that milks almost 200 and has about

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