Mean Girls Down on The Farmpit

The Hairy Farmpit Girls and their Very Special Goats

Mean Girls Down on The Farmpit
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes On a small farm in rural Georgia, a clique of mean girls rules the roost. They also rule the barn, pasture, and feeders. This farm, The Farmpit, is home to 15 goats, four miniature donkeys, 35 chickens, three turkeys, two pigs, two dogs, three cats, and two delightful women known as the Hairy Farmpit Girls. The women’s names are Jennifer Evitts and Swan Rubins (the Rubitts) and they definitely aren’t mean girls. That title goes to the miniature goats Goatie Hawn, Whoopi Goatberg, and Basil. According to Swan, “They are a tight clique and are all snobby to the others. They would not let you eat lunch with them and they would make fun of your jeans, no matter how new or expensive they are.  You will never be in their circle unless you are born in.”   Goatie Hawn After trying to kill

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