Meet Billy Gotti

The Goat Who is Stealing the Internet

Meet Billy Gotti
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes If you haven’t heard of Billy Gotti yet, well, you have been missing out. He is a sweeping internet sensation that just keeps getting better. However, before you can get to know Billy, you need to meet his mother, Jo’lee. Jo’lee was feeling particularly lonely just over a year ago, especially because she does not have any biological children. Feeling depressed, she had a random thought of perhaps getting a goat. As she was looking at Craigslist one day, she saw a listing for a male miniature goat. No other breed or parent information was given. He was only a few days old and needed to be bottle-fed to survive. Jo’lee immediately snatched him up, named him Billy Gotti, and dubbed him as her son. Because she had no child, in her words, she “made me a child.” I asked her why she

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