Nursing Home Nannies

Goats bring joy to the residents of a long-term care facility

Nursing Home Nannies
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes by Jodi Helmer  In 2015, Angie Whitman was raising seven goats at her home in Knox County, Illinois, when she had the idea to take them to the Knox County Nursing Home where she worked.   “We got the goats because my son wanted them but as he got older, he didn’t really pay any attention to them anymore,” Whitman recalls. “I was walking around outside the nursing home with a coworker and saw that there was a little fenced-in area with a small barn [where the facility used to keep a few goats to entertain the residents] and I thought it would be the perfect place to bring them.”  The herd of mixed-breed goats moved into the nursing home in 2016 and fast became the most popular kids on the block. For safety reasons, the residents cannot be in the pasture with the goats but that hasn’t

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