Odin the Fearless LGD Dog: No Goat Left Behind!

Dogs That Protect Goats Walk Through Fire for Their Herds

Odin the Fearless LGD Dog: No Goat Left Behind!
By Lacey Hughett –  When danger or disaster strikes, good LGD dogs like Odin are priceless. They turn potentially tragic stories into triumphs. In 2017, multiple wildfires ravaged through California. This is one of our worst fears for anyone who owns livestock. Will we have the time, resources, and an emergency preparedness plan for goat care, should a fire break out? For one man last October this was a very real and frightening situation. Roland Hendel lives in Northern California and when it came time to evacuate, his animals would not cooperate. Health Questions About Kid Goats?Our goat experts offer their secrets to growing healthy, productive, and happy kids. Download the free guide today. YES! I want this Free Report » Roland has a herd of goats and two livestock guardian dogs, Tessa and Odin. Without time to collect his goats, Roland made the spilt-second decision to at least bring his

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