Pygora Pioneer

A Legacy of Breeding Pygoras in the Pacific Northwest

Pygora Pioneer
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Aliya Hall Veneta, Oregon — It’s in the bathroom of Sonia Hall’s house that her passion for goats come through. On the walls are plates with goats’ faces painted on them, framed pygmy sketches, embroidered goat hoops, a wood panel saying, “Emerald Valley Pygmies,” and a painted wood goat that says, “A nice lady and an old goat live here.”  Growing up and visiting my grandmother, I was used to the goat trinkets and memories, but I didn’t realize how big of effect goats had had on her life, or how much she impacted the goat world by helping Katharine Jorgensen pioneer the Pygora breed. Hall was among the first Pygora Breeders Association committee members in 1990, according to the association.  “Katharine Jorgensen was the one that really set this all up,” Hall said. “This was fun and games. I don’t know if anyone else did any spinning

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