Rotational Grazing at BF Farm

A Holistic Approach to Parasite Management Reduces a Need for Chemical Dewormers

Rotational Grazing at BF Farm
Add to Favorites Mark Bengtson and Jodey Fulcher were not raised as farmers or ranchers. Mark describes himself as a former city person raised in the New England area. While Jodey was raised in Georgia, working family farms during the summer, he also didn’t know that much about animal husbandry before he and Mark partnered together to create BF Farm. They began as a small, 35-acre operation in Georgia but have since moved to Missouri. They now operate a 200-acre farm with three breeds of animals. Through trial and error, they have implemented a rotational grazing system that has allowed them to eventually stop using chemical deworming agents on their livestock. Get Goat Care Tips from Experts! Sign up for our FREE newsletter and you’ll get weekly tips on goat care from our seasoned experts — everything from feed & housing considerations to common ailments, breed suggestions, home dairy recipes and
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  1. Great advice! My goats hardly ever suffer from internal parasites since I started rotating their grazing. They also have the stimulation of new, fresh pastures to keep them busy too!

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