Team Snazzy Goat

A Vermont Pulling Team

Team Snazzy Goat
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Team Snazzy Goat is owned by Mika Ingerman in Vermont. Mika has been working with equine pulling teams for many years, training mostly other people’s horses. When she was ready for her own team, Mika went to the research books. There, she came across old pictures of goats being used as pulling teams and thought, “Well, why not?” Goat pulling teams are awesomely different. In 2011 Mika found twin male Cashmere goat babies. They are North American Cashmere Goats born in upstate New York. She acquired Harry and David as three-month-old kids and immediately began training them. This began with halter-breaking. The stores don’t usually make halters that small, so she had to fashion them from some rope. As they aged a little, they were able to transition to Pygmy goat halters and then full size. Mika waited until they were at least

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