That Scary Goat!

Life is Too Short to Deal with Aggressive Goat Behavior

That Scary Goat!
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes “That was a SCARY goat,” quipped my husband, who was now convinced we should never own bucks.   We were looking at goat farm setups some 20 years ago to see what people did for fencing, shelter, feeders and the like when two large-breed bucks came running up, reared up taller than us, and strained the wire fencing downward between us and them with the weight of their hooves and upper bodies. My husband was CONVINCED they were going to get us.   So, what contributes to scary goat behavior and how can we reduce that likelihood? Let’s explore that so that you seldom to never have a scary goat!  Goats benefit from gentle but firm handling. If you are used to goats you know that the amount of training we can do with them is somewhere between working with the average cat or alpaca and the loyal

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