Training on the Goat Milking Stand

It's never too early to start goat milk stand training!

Training on the Goat Milking Stand
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Goats don’t come out of the chute knowing how to get up onto a goat milking stand, let alone how to stand still on one while you’re milking those sensitive goat teats! No, training on the stand should start from the very early months if you want to avoid having a goat rodeo when your doe is in milk for the first time. Imagine trying to wrangle a 150-pound hormonal monster onto the stand when you’re ready to milk that first freshener. Take it from me, been there and done that and it wasn’t pretty.  Raising Healthy Kids — Your FREE Guide! Kidding season is full of excitement and adoration. But what do you do after the baby is born? Premature kids, babies that can’t suckle, and sick animals require immediate care. Even if the kids are healthy and their mothers willingly accept and care

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