Travel Tips Make the Long Haul Easier

Travel Tips for Goat Owners

Travel Tips Make the Long Haul Easier
Add to Favorites By Joseph Larsen – Traveling with goats is always a challenge but there are some tips my family, the Larsens of Colorado, have learned by trial and error that make the long haul a bit easier on our animals. It seems every time we embark on a show trip there are new tricks to try and old tips to remember that have become vital to the success of adventures. In 2003 we started planning early for our extremely long, eight-hour trip to the ADGA national show in Iowa. The previous year we had attended our first national show in Pueblo, Colorado. Pueblo is the home to our state fairgrounds so it made sense for us to go. The national show bug bit us. So there we were trying to figure out how we could make it to the 2003 show. We asked some local breeders who had traveled

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