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Cashmere Goats at St. Mary’s on-the-Hill
November 18, 2021 · · Ownership

Sister Mary Elizabeth believes in unique ways of connecting with one’s animals. As she walks from the barn out to the fields, she begins to sing, calling her Cashmere goats in her crystal-clear soprano voice.

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Where’s the Goat?
November 18, 2021 · · Ownership

Evidence remains that there were more than 120 people at the first Thanksgiving and that their fare consisted of not just turkey but other poultry, including ducks, geese, and swans. Yet, there is a notable lack in this massive spread for those familiar with historical seafaring — the goat.

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The Evolution of a Dairy Farming Business Plan
November 17, 2021 · · Home Dairy

The small family dairy farm in Indiana run by Alan Yegerlehner produces grass-fed milk products, marketed from their pasture dairy. This has been their dairy farming business plan for generations.

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Saving the Arapawa Goats
November 16, 2021 · · Goat Breeds

Add to Favorites “They’re a rare breed” is more than just an expression at a south-central Kansas zoo. Officials say the Arapawa “Island” Goat, also known as the New Zealand …

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Goat-Centered Traditions Around the World
November 15, 2021 · · Ownership

Goats are an important aspect of many cultures around the world. Here we explore some goat traditions that are dear to the people who uphold them.

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Breed Profile: Angora Goats
November 15, 2021 · · Goat Breeds

Angora goats are fiber goats originating in Turkey that produce mohair wool. They are great browsers, but need extra nutrition and care.

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Goat Journal is 100 years old!
November 12, 2021 · · Giveaways

Enter our giveaway contest as often as you wish. New prizes announced on the page every month. Starting 1/1/22.

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Caring for Angora Goat Fiber During Winter
November 10, 2021 · · Ownership

Add to Favorites Do fiber goats need special care during the winter months? Caring for Angora goats and other fiber breeds requires a little more attention during the cold and …

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Raising Mohair Goat Breeds for Fiber
November 10, 2021 · · Goat Breeds

Over the course of our fiber goat experience, people insist we are raising sheep and not goats. When Pygoras are in full fleece, they look like wooly sheep. The fiber is soft and blends beautifully with other wool.

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Goat Playgrounds: A Place to Play!
November 9, 2021 · · Ownership

Goats are many things: lively, intelligent, playful, curious, useful.  It’s the playfulness that can be the undoing of the novice goat-owner. For this reason, goat playgrounds are highly recommended.

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