Your Guide to Raising Healthy Kids

Kidding season is full of excitement and adoration. But what do you do after the baby is born? Premature kids, babies that can’t suckle, and sick animals require immediate care. Even if the kids are healthy and their mothers willingly accept and care for them, how do you know when to wean the kids and when it’s time to separate bucklings from breeding-age does?

Goat experts Katherine Drovdahl and Cheryl K. Smith offer valuable tips to avoid disaster and raise healthy, happy animals in our Guide to Raising Healthy Kids. 

Download the guide to learn more about the following:

+ How would I know if my kid is premature?

+ My doe produces much more colostrum than her kids will use. Can I store it somehow?

+ What is the best fencing for kids?

+ How to tube feed a weak kid

+ And so much more!