Your Guide to What Goats Can Eat

Did you know that goats can overeat leaves, twigs, and acorns?

Leaves may blow into their pasture or a branch may break and give sudden access. It’s also common for leaves to find their way into water buckets and tanks, which will make an astringent tea and reduce water palatability, which reduces water intake and thus milk production. There are many factors to consider when feeding healthy goats and we’ve compiled them all into a handy guide. 

Download our Guide to What Goats Can Eat to learn more about the following:

+ Are oak tree leaves poisonous to goats?

+ Can goats eat bamboo?

+ How do I feed my bucks during rut?

+ How do I plant a goat garden?

+ Can we feed rice flour and wheat flour to our goats?

+ And so much more!

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